Scene: Fashion

Rikiya and Kazuma try to help Mitsuo.

It starts out as Mitsuo asking Riona to the movies but she refuses. Kazuma asks her why she does and finds out she has other plans. Rikiya notices that it's "puppy love" and Kazuma is just like "what?" They decide that they will help Mitsuo win over Riona. But first he needs new clothes, which gets the adults fighting about who has more style. Once control is gained run to the shop and buy some clothes (either western or dragon style). Once done the adults get Mitsuo over to them and tell him about the clothes which he replies that they are both terrible. Rikiya had some hand me downs from when he was in middle school (pretty much punk attire), and depending on what Kazuma picked he may end up looking like a little yakuza. Either way the clothes don't help Mitsuo with Rinoa.

A little later Kazuma follows the children to see them by Smile Burger, Rinoa is with her friends but they quickly turn on her after finding out she has a burn scar and they tease her and call it gross. Rinoa is in tears and Mitsuo comes to her rescue. He punches the boy who called it gross and gets hit in return. After the other kids leave he tries to cheer her up by saying "I have dark skin, I have a tan all year long". She gets up and hugs him telling him that she is sorry.