Scene: Kidnapped

THIS CONTAINS BIG SPOILERS! You have been warned.

Kazuma decides to go see Majima after returning to Serena and talking to Date. Rikiya is left at the bar. After Majima and Kazuma have their talk and get some information from Kage it turns out the Lau Ka Long of the Snake Flower Triad is after Rikiya! A call goes out to see if Rikiya is alright but while on the phone the Snake Flower Triad kidnaps Rikiya. Kazuma fights his way through the streets of Kamurocho to save him.

After making his way up to where Rikiya is he is confronted by Lau Ka Long himself. The two do battle and Kazuma wins. But before Kazuma can get to Rikiya, Lau Ka Long leeches on to Kazuma's leg and gives the signal to his boys to kill Rikiya. Kazuma is screaming and Rikiya is about to have his head chopped off. Two gun shots are heard taking out the two henchmen and Fuma appears then shoots Lau Ka Long in the head saving Rikiya and complimenting Kazuma. Kazuma demands to know who he is, turns out its Fuma's brother.

Back in Purgatory a scene plays out and Kazuma decides to send a shaken up Rikiya back to Okinawa to look after the kids. Slight reluctant Rikiya agrees.