Scene: Finishing

Rikiya's gets his tattoo finished.

While you have Rikiya (and already went to Kanrai during sightseeing) you can over hear some people talking about tattoos on the corner on Pink St. Kazuma will be reminded of Divine Dragon where he got his done and decides to go talk to Master Utabori. Go tot the alley way on Senryo Ave and there is a small sign outside the door. Go in. Rikiya will want his tattoo finished but master Utabori refuses to do so. Rikiya gets upset and Kazuma yells at Rikiya. Finally they leave and while leaving the alley some thugs jump them.

Once the battle is over another guy shows up and shows off his tattoo. Rikiya and Kazuma are not impressed. Rikiya refuses to fight this guys and uses his get back stare. (I think he's been practicing in the mirror.) Master Utabori comes out and asks Rikiya why he didn't show the other guy his tattoo, Rikiya responds with the viper on his back means much more than just showing it off. The Master Utabori asks him why he didn't hit him. Rikiya replies that the guy wasn't worth it and that he only fights people he deems worthy. Master Utabori smiles and says he'll finish the Viper. After it's finished Rikiya thanks Master Utabori and comments that he and Kazuma have the same ink on their backs and that makes them like brothers. Kazuma just smiles and says okay.