Shimabukuro Rikiya Name: Shimabukuro Rikiya
Title: Bare-handed Viper or Fighting Viper
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Affliation: Ryudo Family
Job: Lieutenant
Tattoo: Habu-pitviper
Voice Actor (JP): Tatsuya Fujiwara

A little bit about the Viper

Rikiya is a good kid and part of the Ryudo Family in Ryukyu, Okinawa. He has a very deep love for Okinawa and will attack anyone who says anything about it or anyone who isn't from Okinawa (like Kazuma because he's from Tokyo). He is loved by the people because the Ryudo family helps people out and doesn't charge protection fees. Rikiya tries to be polite and helpful. He wants to be a strong yakuza like Kazuma.

What he wears

His default outfit is made up of a Hawaiian style shirt, black slacks, nice shoes and a gold chain necklace. He wears this in Ryukyu. In Kamurocho, his outfit is very similar to his default one. The difference is that there is a black blazer with the Ryudo family emblem button on it. Then there is the Yakuza fighting outfit, it's his default outfit minus the shirt. And he has a wrestling outfit (luchadore style).