Scene: Hotel

This scene is one of my favorites. Rikiya and Kazuma must go into a hotel to find Kanda.

After Rikiya come to Kamurocho and Kazuma has found him, it's time to head off to Red Brick Hotel in Hotel District (marked by a pink marker). The guys then strut into the Hotel like that own it only to be stopped by the woman at the counter (we will call her Oba-san). Oba-san tells them that this isn't a business hotel and they can't just walk in. The guys then know what type of hotel it is. Kazuma is trying to think of an alternate way but Rikiya beats him to it. He tells Oba-san that they ARE a couple and mainly keep it a secret but they want to be alone. Kazuma is NOT pleased at all but stays quiet. Rikiya also has no problem grabbing hold of Kazuma's arm and caressing his chest. It annoys Kazuma but Rikiya sells it. Oba-san is surprised and quickly hands them a room key then tells them to makes themselves at home.

Once in the elevator Rikiya lays his head on Kazuma's shoulder and at this point Kazuma is highly annoyed and tells him to knock it off. (I can't blame Rikiya, I would have done it too.) The guys find Kanda's room who runs out and then he must be tracked down. Rikiya decides to go downstairs, so Kazuma get upstairs. Once Kanda is finally found and Kazuma fights him Rikiya comes in. They decide to go have a drink and go sightseeing.

Cherri's Note: I don't support these two as a couple, I just really like this scene. It's hilarious. And I don't blame Rikiya at all for touching Kazuma. ♥