Scene: Saving You

This scene pulls at my heartstrings. It's gonna be difficult to write.


Kazuma runs after Nakahara and confronts Tamashiro. After some scenes, Saki along with Rikiya appears as a bull is about to take out Nakahara, she finally talks as she screams "Daddy". Nakahara is surprised but is filled with strength and defeats the bull. After some more scenes and some fights Kazuma is making sure Nakahara and Saki are okay. Rikiya explains he followed Saki after she ran off to find Nakahara. Kazuma goes to stand up when a gunshot is heard only to turn around and see that Rikiya took a bullet for him.

Tamashiro is quite pleased by shooting Rikiya but before he can get any other shots off he is shot himself by Fuma. Back to Rikiya and Kazuma, Rikiya falls and Kazuma catches him. Rikiya is concerned that he didn't do a good job and asks "Did I do alright? Is this a good reason to die?" Kazuma cries and tries to reassure Rikiya that everything is going to be okay. But ultimately Rikiya dies in Kazuma's arms.

Cherri's Notes: I hate this scene so much! I wish there was an option to kill Tamashiro earlier! It's the first time Kazuma cries and it's in freaking HD. While its full of meaning and brotherly love, it's still stings like a mo'fo.