Scene: Introduction

Rikiya's introduction, not very classy but it is slightly entertaining. Covers from first appearance to the fight.

You first see Rikiya running up to the Orphanage to tell Kazuma that Nakahara has been shot. But FLASHBACK and a few minutes of scenes.

Some punks are staking out Sunshine Orphange and it's upsetting the children and Kazuma. Haruka hands Kazuma another eviction notice and he decides to go take care of it. While walking near Smile Burger Kazuma notices the truck and then the punks Rikiya and Mikio. Rikiya tries to act tough but Kazuma is unimpressed. Rikiya even throws off his shirt and show his viper tattoo and claims it's the heart and soul of Okinawa. Kazuma calls it a "nice snake" which pisses Rikiya off because it's a viper and Kazuma says that a viper is a snake. A fight breaks out and Rikiya is defeated.

Rikiya agrees to talk Kazuma to see the boss and starts calling Kazuma "aniki". Which Kazuma doesn't like it but deals with it. It's off to go see Nakahara.