He has a few good ones
I feel these are self-explanitory and won't give a sub-header explanation.

Magical / Mysterious Birth
Dart's birth wasn't shown and it might not be all that magical but there is something different about it. Zieg is the first wielder of the Red-Eyed Dragoon and was petrified for 11,000 or so years. He met Claire (a martial artist from Rouge); they got married and had a son.

Missing / Questionable Childhood
Some of Dart's childhood is actually seen. At the age of 5, he is in Neet when it gets destroyed. Dart's family escapes to the outskirts but Zieg tells his family he is going back and runs back to Neet. Claire then tells Dart to stay put and runs after Zieg. Little Dart is left alone. Once the fire dies out in the morning Dart goes back and only finds his father memento, the Red-Eyed Dragoon Spirit. At 13, Dart is in Seles playing the role of Shana's "big brother". Then at 18, he leaves to find the "Black Monster" and get revenge for Neet.

Identity in Question
Dart never questions that he is himself. Not even when Shirley is testing him, he knows what he wants and what he is going to do. Generally it's save Shana, stop the Black Monster or stop the Moon. It just depends but whatever it is, it never throws Dart off course.

There are a couple of betrayals but they are a little different. Shana is the Moon Child (that's a bad thing) but unaware of it. Rose is the "Black Monster" and fully aware of it but never really knew that’s what people called her. Zieg is possessed and working for Melbu (he can be saved though).

Tragic Flaw
I would say Dart’s flaw is that he is a bit naïve and all too willing to help people. He doesn’t care where someone is from but has faith that they will do the right thing. It's surprising he hasn’t gotten stabbed.

Death at the Hands of Evil
Dart never dies, but he does travel into Mayfil, the city of the Dead. It's pretty much Hell. He needs to go there to find the Signet and protect it from being broken. He fails at that but he does get to see his friend, Lavitz again who helps them trough Mayfil.

Resurrection Myth
Dart simply steps out of Mayfil. With his business done there is no need to stick around.

Special Powers
The Dragoon Spirits are special powers but there are other people that can use it and the Dragoon Spirit picks it wielder. Here I would say Dart's special power is the Divine Dragoon armour as he is the first to wield it. (It didn't shine for that jerk, Lloyd, who stole it.) Lloyd possibly half dawned it. As Dart was the first to slay and dawn the armour of the Divine Dragon.