Epic Triad

The triad of epic

The Epic Triad is made up of three parts.

Dart, the Hero, doesn’t acquire the Red-Eyed Dragoon Spirit at the start (he has it but it’s just a shiny stone that’s a memento of his father). It awakens at Hoax when it’s being attacked by Sandora soldiers and Kongol. Dart and Lavitz are unable to defeat him and that’s when Rose, the Dark Dragoon, shows up and awakens the Red-Eyed Dragoon Spirit that Dart holds on to.

How did Rose know he had a Dragoon Spirit? At the beginning of the game, Dart is traveling back to Seles. He runs into soldiers but nothing happens and then Feyrbrand, the Green Tusked Dragon, decides to say “hi”. Feyrbrand chases Dart through the forest because at this point in time Dart cannot defeat him. Rose catches sight of the dragon and Dart, she jumps down and saves him. Once Feyrbrand is gone, Dart thanks the Mysterious Woman and runs off. Rose’s own dragoon spirit reacts to Dart’s by glowing. Rose is slightly surprised.

Dragoon Spirits are the physical form of a Dragon’s heart. Once a dragon is killed it is possible to get the dragoon spirit from it and have the armour of whatever dragon was slain. That’s how the original Dragoon’s got their Dragoon Spirits and that’s how the Divine Dragoon Spirit is obtained.