The first step

The Call to Adventure
This is what started his journey, he didn't start out as a hero and just needed a little push to get started.
Dart’s journey begins on his way home to Seles. He gets attacked by a Green Tusked Dragon named Feyrbrand and saved by a mysterious woman. When Dart gets back to Seles he finds it has been burned and attacked by Imperial Sandora Soldiers. He finds survivors of the attack and they tell him that Shana, his “little sister” has been taken to Helena Prison. Dart then sets off to storm the prison.

The Refusal of the Call
This is the part where he is supposed to make up a ridiculous excuse of why he cannot go even though he really wants too.
Dart technically has two journeys, the Dragoon Journey and the “Black Monster” Journey. While Dart wants to do both, he decides he can hunt the “Black Monster” later. He really wants revenge but puts it aside to help out his friends.

The Supernatural Aid
This aid is a tool that will help him throughout the journey.
In Hoax, Dart is there with Lavitz, Shana and the 8th Knighthood of Serdio. Kongol and the Imperial Sandoras attack. Lavitz and Dart are unable to defeat Kongol and Rose comes flying in and awakens Dart’s Red-Eyed Dragoon. His dragoon power is what helps him fight many battles that are too come and further bind him and his friends.

The First Threshold
This is the first big hurdle he must overcome if he wishes to continue.
This is when Dart decides to storm the Helena Prison. He wants to save Shana and he has no other choice but to go into a place that is describe as “Hell itself”. Dart doesn’t really have any trouble here once he meets Lavitz.

Belly of the Whale
This is what separates his old life and his new life. When he knows he cannot go back to the way things were.
This happens in Hoax after Rose awakens the Red-Eyed Dragon Spirit. Since Dart is now a Dragoon, he has the power to rule over dragons and while still a human he isn’t like other men. He cannot go back now that he has this power because he has a new responsibility.