The third step

Refusal to Return
He doesn't want to go back to the journey, much like amid-life crisis.
There never is really a time where Dart doesn’t want to finish his journey. There are times when he feels somewhat lost and not sure how to move on. Like after Lavitz dies, they are in hiding trying to figure out what to do. Then it dawns on them that they need to continue not only because they have to but for Lavitz too. (Even in Mayfil after Lavitz helps Dart, he tells him to continue).

The Magic Flight
When he realizes, it's okay to continue on and breaks free from what is stopping him.
Dart figures that he can mourn Lavitz when everything is all over but for now they have to track down Lloyd. There is so much that is not explained and Dart wants answers, so he sets off to find them. With his Dragoon Spirit there isn’t much that can stop him.

Rescue from Without
It's how he escapes the trial of being stuck where he is at.
Dart and his friends all agree on what needs to be done and hold out their own spirit to where the room glows with the colors of them. They all leave the room to continue the journey to pursue Lloyd and find out what Sandora wants with Shana and the Moon Objects.

The Return Threshold
The second threshold and a symbol of rebirth.
Dart meets his father and must fight him, however Dart has lost the Red-Eyed spirit to Zieg the first holder. Dart defeats him and confronts Melbu before Dart can do anything Lloyd appears, tries to help but is defeated. The Divine Dragoon Spirit that Lloyd was carrying recognizes Dart as its wielder and he obtains the power of the Divine Dragon.

Master of Both Worlds
This represents his ultimate transcendence to a higher state of being.
This happens when Dart becomes the Divine Dragoon. The Divine Dragon is the King of Dragons, and with Dart as the holder of the armour he is the King of Dragoons. He saves Shana, protects the world and escapes with most of his friends.

Sharing of Knowledge
Sharing what he learned.
This is a little different as sharing the knowledge was more of the party realizing what was going on. Rose is the "Black Monster" where Shana is the Moon Child. It was quite a shock. However, Rose is forgiven and they set out to save Shana. The players already figured this out but sharing as a group makes it. It takes them to their "ultimate battle".

Freedom to Live
He is passed his past with no regrets.
After Dart completes his journey, he is rebuilding Seles with Shana as everyone has gone their separate ways. He doesn’t regret anything because he knows what he has done. Sure, he couldn’t save Lavitz but he did have that drink they promised. His father and Rose destroyed Melbu while the others escaped the Moon. He is happy because he managed to avenge everyone.