The second step

The Road of Trials
Position is solid; people know who he is.
This happens a couple times for Dart. In Helena Prison as he is running around and causing havoc the guards start calling him “The Man in Red Armour”. Later Dart is to help Tiberoa in finding the missing Princess, he finds the Mayor’s son in Donau, Dart stops the Divine Dragon from destroying Mille Seseau, saves a merchant from Lohan and generally helps anyone he passes.

The Meeting with the Goddess
Unrequited love for reasons that will be explained.
Dart is first saved by Rose and later when she travels with him, she comments on how it’s “like being with her old friends again”. There are a couple scenes in which Dart and Rose have together that might be mistaken, she grabs his hand to prevent him from falling into the ocean with the Phantom Ship sinks and she yells “I won’t let go again”. Another scene is when they wash up on shore and are sleeping in a cave, Dart’s head is rested upon her lap and she cradles it. A little boy from a neighboring village finds them and mistakes them for lovers. However, Rose was Zieg’s fiancée and she still loves him. She’s also the “Black Monster” which took almost everything away from Dart while he forgives her it just wouldn’t work between them.

The Meeting with the Temptress (or Woman as Temptress)
The "woman" that stands in the way.
Shirley, the previous White Silver Dragoon and friend of Rose, tries to persuade Dart (and Lavitz) from quitting their journey. She uses the image of Shana against Dart to see his heart but as Dart knows what he wants to do, Shirley is unable to persuade him.

Atonement with Father
This is overcoming the ultimate power. He must get over where he came from to continue.
Dart does overcome his father, even though he is “dead” for most of the game. Zieg is currently under control of Melbu and is acting as Emperor Diaz from the Dragoon Campaign. He is met towards the end of Disc 3 and reveals his face much to Rose and Dart’s surprise. Later Dart must fight Zieg who took back the power of the Red-Eyed Dragoon. After the battle Zieg is knocked out but later awakens to help Rose with Melbu while his son and his friends escape.

When he achieves the "hero" status.
I believe this happens when he finally dawns the Divine Dragoon Armour, as the Divine Dragoon is the King of all Dragons. Near the end of the journey but he is able to save everyone as planned.

Ultimate Boon
An ultimate boon is like a holy grail, it must be gotten in order to save someone.
This would be getting the Divine Dragoon Spirit, after he loses the Red-Eyed Spirit he is just another man and not really able to combat Melbu. Lloyd comes in and tries to help only to be killed and the armour he stole falls to Dart.