"Captain of the tenth division of the Shinsengumi."

❀ Updates

February 14, 2015: New links to otome shrines.

January 3, 2015: Added 3 new buttons that were made by my secret santa at amassment.

5/28/14: Walkthroughs are complete and more dictionary entries were added.

5/21/14: 24 screenshots added in Media, Thank you Mikari! Still working on the rest of the revamp.

5/20/14: New layout and revamp.

5/17/14: Finally put the walkthrough up and I'm currently adding dictionary entries.

3/31/2013: Joined Starlight.

3/28/2013: Joined Emotion.

10/17/2012: Both Harada pages are up. Mind you they have not be beta read and kinda disjointed. I'll fix them up later.

10/16/2012: eh he, ended up getting sick again. Synopsis page it finally up!

10/08/2012: About page it up. Feeling better so updates might happen more frquently.

10/06/2012: Linked Guardian and joined a Harada Fanlisting. Gallery has been updated.

10/05/2012: Seppuku is up! The pages work but there isn't really any content. I'm currently sick, so updates will be slightly weird...they will be when I can make them.