Sakura Kyoko

Kyoko is in middle school like the other girls even though you never see her in uniform. She's younger than Mami but older than Madoka, Homura and Sayaka. She is ruthless and does what she wants. She does try to help though, mostly if it benefits her. Her wish got her hurt and she thinks it's stupid to make a wish for someone else. She and Sayaka share this and I think that's why Kyoko stays behind to help her. Because they both got hurt trying to help those they love. I think Mami knew Kyoko's wish and that's why she told the other girls to make a wish for yourself and not someone else. Trying to spare them the heartache. Before Kyoko's wish she seems like any other normal girl who just wants to help and be a magical girl. Though when push comes to shove, she is the type to stab someone with a spear. Kyoko can be loving she just has a hard time expressing it (probably because of her wish). I think that's why she might come off as cold. She always has food in her hands too, apples and pocky mostly. Never explains why.

Her Wish

Kyoko's dad is a priest, he ran a great sermon and had a great congregation. Until one day people starting coming less and less, as the stopped believing what he was saying. These greatly bothered him and his family. Wanting to help her dad, Kyoko became a magical girl by contracting Kyubey wishing "I wish people believe everything my dad says." And with that more and more people were starting to show up again. Then her dad found out it was done by magic and it broke his heart, he called his daughter a witch and was mean. He lost himself to alcohol, practically drowned himself in it. While Kyoko was out, he murdered his family and then killed himself. When she returned she saw her family laying in blood on the floor. She's been fighting witches ever since.

Cherri's Notes

I liked Kyoko before I knew her character. I liked her design, the red outfit with pink, white and black accents. Her hair style and that she always seemed to have food or her spear in hand. Then when I read the manga I was a little worried that I wouldn't like her. But she became my favorite. I can kind of relate to her too, as being the daughter of a priest type and wanting to help. It's not that I'm completely like her or anything just little traits here and there. And I think that's part of the reason I like her because I can relate to her a little. She tried so hard to help.