Now it is time to learn about the military strength of the ShinRa company. These men are very different from normal men, however I will let you read on instead of spoiling it for you right here and now.


SOLDIER is an elite force of the military for ShinRa. They take care of wars and when they aren't warring they are check out reactors and fighting monstes. However SOLDIERs aren't very stable and the Tsviets turned on their comrades can killed a bunch of people. SOLDIER canidates are scouted by the Turks. However, one can join SOLDIER without being scouted and the process is just hard. Poor Cloud didn't make it.

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Part of ShinRa and get paid more than SOLDIER. This group sometimes helps or prevents action. They are really good at staling....Anyway read for yourself.

Turks The Turks

Department of Public Safety or General Affairs also known as the Turks. They do kidnapping and assassinations (to put it negatively); they also go on missions to check places out or to completely destroy places (Gelnika and Benora). The Turks don't consist of four members at a time it seems. There is Tseng, Reno and Rude the male members of the group. Then Elena and Cissnei, the females. However, Elena is in Final Fantasy VII along with the males and Cissnei is there in Crisis Core. The Turks also recruit members for SOLDIER.

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