These projects were done by the scientist of the ShinRa company. If these experiments didn't take place then maybe none of the events of the games would have happened. Or possibly maybe they would have played out differently. One will never know. Now all that can be done is to look upon the data of these experiments that were done.


Jenova is a calamity from the skies, she is an alien life force that travels from planet to planet destroying them. Jenova was mistaken for a Cetra because of her vast powers when she was excavated by ShinRa. The scientist Hojo and Gast ran experiments and studies upon her. The documents on Jenova can actually be found in the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim.

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G Project G Project

This is named after Angeal’s mother Gillian. Similar to the JENOVA Project however in Project G the experiments, Angeal and Genesis are able to clone themselves and they are degrading psychically while their clones are degrading mentally and somewhat psychically. They aren’t as strong as Sephiroth, probably because of the degrading process.

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Chaos Chaos Project

This is the project that Vincent Valentine underwent. While I do not know if it has an official name this is what I am call it. Because Vincent went under this project to have his live saved. Lucrecia put the protomateria into Vincent’s chest along with Chaos to save his life after he was fatality wounded and experimented on my Professor Hojo for trying to stop him from experimenting on Lucrecia and her unborn child, Sephiroth.

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