About Midnight

I decided the name “Midnight” because of this “The name Midna may come from the word "midnight" as midona (the romaji for her Japanese name) is the beginning of the romaji for how the Japanese would pronounce midnight: midonaito.” Which I read at the Zelda Wiki, whether or not it’s true; I like it. My other option was “See you later” because she says it quite a bit. I liked “Midnight” better. Ran both names by Snow too and she agreed with me. And that’s how I named my site.

Midnight also started our as a one page but due to friends and lots of thought I decided to make it a full shrine. So when I revamped the site I made it into a full shrine. Of course that caused the url to change but that's alright.

I decided to make a Midna shrine in the first place because Snow and I were playing Twilight Princess and I loved the character. The thought consumed me, so as we played I wrote down what was happening. The dynamic between Link and Midna I also enjoy. Because of Link, Midna's character is able to develop quite nicely. You can see the changes she goes through because he is at her side.

Go a head and link but don't direct link. ^-^ http://fan.piratesboard.net/midna
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I'd like to thank all Legend of Zelda fans. ^-^ And my sister, Snow, for going through the game and helping me out.