Midna, the Twilight Princess, ruler of the Twili. Gets cursed and turns into a little imp. While she is bossy and unbearable at times, she really does care about Link. She doesn't really show it much until after she tries to go after Zant and ends up almost dead. Link takes her to Princess Zelda for help and that's when Midna losses up a bit and treats Link better.

I think Midna was trying to hide her true nature, so she could save her people. As that what the rulers do in Hyrule. Zelda surrender Hyrule to protect the people, Rutela refused to surrender because she knew it would save her people but told her son to go to Zelda. These three rulers have their own ways of handling thief affairs and I think it's nice to see them handled differently. Midna also refused to surrender but instead of being killed she was cursed. I think acting mean and bossy was a way for here to deal with Hyrule and not get close to anyone because if she finished her mission or died no one else would get hurt. I think it was a way for her to protect herself. She really is quite nice and sassy.

I like Midna because she is very different from Zelda and Rutela. I love all three characters just the same though. Midna is more "I will stab you" though. I think it might be because she had freedoms that the other two don't have. Midna also seems like more of a combatant than the other two. Sure Zelda has a sword and knows some archery but while in "Princess" form she can't really back it up much. And if she can it's not something that is shown a lot. In imp form Midna can fight but the way she seems in human form, I think she could hold her own as well.

I just really like the character. She's sassy.