The Fused Shadows

Midna and Link (wolf)Link first encounters Midna in a dungeon cell. She says she will help him out but he has to help her too. Link is slightly reluctant and confused as he was transformed into a wolf. After Link leaves the cell Midna makes herself comfy on his back. I think he is starting to feel for Epona. She leads him through the dungeon they are in all the way to the highest tower. And we all know what are generally in tallest towers, boss fights and princesses. Luckily it’s a princess and not just any princess but the Princess of Hyrule herself, Zelda. Midna sasses her a bit but Link agrees to help out after hearing what’s going on and he has to save his friends. Two keese, one arrow.

Midna wants Link to collect the Fused Shadows but first he has to restore the light spirits in the area he is in. First is Faron, Link restores the light and then is able to go to the Forest Temple to get the first piece for Midna. Second is Eldin and Death Mountain and finally Lanayru and Zora’s Domain. (Quite familiar to the Ocarina of Time players.) After Link finishes acquiring these pieces for Midna and she thanks him, some man cloaked in black shows up!

Much to everyone’s dismay it’s Zant that jerk who took over Hyrule! She tries to use the fused shadow pieces but Zant is too powerful. He tosses Link aside and tries to temp our sassy imp. However, Midna wants nothing to do with Zant. He calls her names and finally uses the light spirit of Lanayru against her. Midna is in critical condition and Link is cursed to be a wolf! Link must save Midna at all costs! We can’t lose her. To Hyrule! Zelda will know what to do.

Midna Once in Hyrule, Link makes his way back to the tower where he first met the princess. Midna doesn’t have much strength but she asks that Zelda help Link and not herself. The princess takes her hand and smiles. Zelda tells them that the only way to uncurse Link is to get the Master Sword in the Sacred Forest. The little imp has one more request of Zelda and that’s to help Link get the Twilight Mirror. This time Zelda apologizes to Midna and says she finally understands who and what Midna is and doing. Light starts to glow and Midna screams at Link to stop Zelda but it’s too late. Midna is restored and Zelda has disappeared. (I like to think Zelda traded places with Midna instead of sacrificing herself to save her.)

Once you collect yourself after that depressing scene head towards Faron Provenience to get to the Sacred Forest, it’s near the Forest Temple. Once Link reaches the Master Sword and obtains it, he is no longer cursed and free to transform at will. Midna then shyly asks for his help once more in finding the Twilight Mirror.

The Twilight Mirror

Link and MidnaAfter Link and Midna get the Master Sword he agrees to help her. It's time to go to the Gerudo Desert. Upon arrival via cannon fire courtesy of Fyer in Lake Hylia, Midna wants to tell Link something. She tells him that Zant is a jerk. Also she tells Link of the Twili, a magical race that tried to rule the Sacred Realm. However, they were banished and chased out by the goddesses. They now exist in the Twilight Realm, a world of half light never to experience full light again. Midna is a descendent of those people. She makes an angry face and continues on. Zant, also a Twili, has gotten some strange power from an unknown force and turned the Twili into monsters. Midna's home world is in chaos because of Zant. There is a way to save it and get to it, but Link needs the Twilight Mirror. She puts her hand on his face and asks "You will help me, won't you?" That's all she wanted to say and disappears into Link's shadow.

After Link and Midna go through the Gerudo Desert and take on the dungeon they arrive on the top of the temple. This place is special as it holds the Twilight Mirror. However, something horrible happened and the mirror is broken. Midna is very upset. The Spirit Sages appear and tell the two what happened. Zant had gotten power and broke the mirror as the only person able to destroy the mirror is the ruler of the Twili. Then they explain that Zant got power from Gannondorf, the Gerudo king of thieves. During his execution the triforce on his hand activates and saves his live. Gannondorf then broke free of his binds and killed one of the sages. Two of the other sages acted quickly, by using the Twilight Mirror and banishing the evil king to the Twilight Realm. After Link and Midna hear this story they decide it’s time to continue their search. The pair head for Snow peak Mountain.

Snowpeak RuinsUpon Snowpeak Mountain they meet a Yeti named Yeto who gave a mirror shard to his wife Yeta. Unfortunately she fell ill shortly after the mirror was given to her. Yeto offers to make the two dinner and the three slide to his house. When Midna sees the mansion she comments on how he lives well for a giant beast. The two head inside to search for the mirror shard.

Once inside Snowpeak Ruins, Link and Midna meet Yeto's wife, Yeta. She tells them that she hasn't been feeling well since her husband got her the mirror but he makes her soup to feel better. (So sweet!) Yeta marks a place on the map and tells Link that is where the key is to get to the bedroom that they locked the mirror in. But upon opening the chest, it's food and not a key. Midna gets rather upset and Link must got speak with Yeta again. This happens a couple of times before the key is found. Once the key is found Yeta appears and tells the two that it’s time to go unlock the bedroom and she'll go with them. Inside the bedroom Yeta loses herself and a fight breaks out. When Yeta is defeated Link obtains the mirror shard. Midna seems sad. She tells Link they have to hurry because the mirror could hurt more people like it did with Yeta. Midna is upset that mirror shard did this. It's time to continue. And Yeta is just fine, she's got a great husband to take care of her. ♥

Temple of TimeTo the next mirror shard. Link must travel to the Temple of Time located in the Sacred Grove. While in the Scared Grove he must go up against Skull Kid again. Anyway in the temple, Link does his thing and another mirror shard is obtained. Midna speaks more on it. She says that the mirror could be dangerous and they could be putting together a very destructive mirror. Our darling little imp also mentions that once they reconstruct the mirror, they may end up having to destroy it. (I have a very bad feeling about this.)

After acquiring the mirror shard from the Temple of Time, Ooccoo comes to see Link. She notices the Dominion Rod and hopes to be able to go back home. The rod lost it's power so she leaves saying she's going to try to find another way to go to the heavens. Midna pops out yelling after Ooccoo about what she said but it's too late. Link needs to restore the rod's power to get to the heavens. Once that is complete shoot for the sky and to the next shard.

After Link defeats the dragon in the Sky City, he receives the last mirror shard. Midna appears and asks him if he remembers what the sages said. The part that only the true ruler of the Twili can destroy the mirror. Zant was only able to break it, he did not have the power to shatter it. All of that proves that Zant is a false king. You can dress up a fake all you want but the real deal is so much better. Then she wants to go to the mirror chamber.

Midna Link goes back to Gerudo Desert and heads towards the Twilight Realm. It upsets Midna that her home world is referred to as the Realm of Shadows, because it's actually quite a beautiful place like when the sun goes down in Link's world. She is mad because her home as been corrupt by power. The sages apologize that it was their fault her home was warped. They ask Midna, the Twilight Princess, for forgiveness. Link is surprised by this. Midna shakes her head and tells them she hardly has the right to forgive them after she left her people. There is a small flashback of when she tried to fight Zant herself but is cursed to her imp form. She wanders around and gets her headdress out and gets a very mischievous smile. Upon their arrival they notice that the Twili have been transformed by Zant. Midna asks Link for one last selfish favor, if she can hide in his shadow as to not disappoint her people. They are both determined to stop Zant and revive Zelda. (Right in the feels.) Link confronts Zant and he reveals how he got his power, from Ganon. Turns out Zant wanted to be king but was refused and he met Ganon, who pretty much took over his body. Zant is just a weak, jealous, power hungry-excuse for a man. Link defeats Zant and while Zant is going on about Ganon, Midna deals the finishing blow from the fused shadows. She is surprised by this but still has the resolve to go save Zelda. She was selfish before, just wanting to get back home and not caring about what happened to the Light Realm. It all changed when she saw Link and Zelda fight so hard and sacrifice so much. Zelda even sacrificed herself for Midna but with the new power she has she can revive Zelda. Now it's off to Hyrule Castle to stop Ganon and save the princess.

See You Later

Link and Midna Link and Midna arrive at Hyrule Castle. Midna dawns the fused shadows and gets flailed about as she turns into a great beast and destroys the barrier. Link catches her and they smile. They head into the castle. They then confront Gannondorf and Midna is unimpressed. Gannondorf decides he is going to use your little friend against you. Midna flies up to try to protect Zelda's body but fails and gets blasted out of the room. Link forces the evil king out of the princess. Midna is able to fly back in and help Link fight a great evil beast piggy. Once the piggy falls, light comes from Midna and into Zelda. She's okay now! But Gannondorf isn't done yet. Again Midna dawns the fused shadows and as Link tries to stop her, he and Zelda are teleported out of the castle. Shortly after the castle explodes and the fused shadow pieces are on the floor. Link is mad. He and Zelda team up to put an end to Gannondorf. Finally Link prevails and Gannondorf falls.

Midna The light spirits appear and what looks like Midna is there too! She's okay. Link runs to her and she stands up. No longer a little imp but a beautiful woman, back to her true form. The three then travel to Gerudo where the mirror is. Midna and Zelda have a chat, shadow and light cannot be together but they cannot exist without the other. She tells the light princess that if everyone in Hyrule is like her that they will be alright. The Twilight Princess then turns to Link and says "Link, I.... see you later." A tear falls from her eye and she sends it to the mirror. The mirror breaks, Link and Zelda look at the mirror and then back at Midna who runs a little and smiles. She is engulfed in light leaving the two at the altar. The adventure is over and all goes back to how it was.