Kine and Hasegawa's missions will be posted here as there aren't enough to get seperate pages. All missions can be done in premium mode too. So there is no need to do them all during the guy's chapters.

Kine's Missions

Kine's missions open up in chapter 4 and in Majima's part he is located at the North East Gate (up by Park Ave, Kamuro Hills).

  1. Slumbering Halls
    • Location: Park Alley
    • Floors: 10/20
  2. Slumbering Halls
    • Location: Park Alley
    • Floors: 20/20

Hasegawa Special-Ops

These are located in the Special-Ops section when taking to her in Cafe Alps. Each of these are in special areas and you will automatically be place in and taken out of them once you accept and complete them.

  1. Cry Babies and Zombies
    • Defeat 100 Zombies and then kill the Cry Babies
    • Available in Chapter 2
  2. 100 Melee Kills
    • Defeat 100 Zombies with breakable items
    • Available in Chapter 2
  3. Kill Zombies
    • Kill all the zombies
    • Available in Chapter 4