Saaya Kawai of Jewel

Majima's only hostess gets her own page. Thank God there is only one. I had a Lady Killer Bracelet (can be bought at Ebisu's for 27,000) equipped and the quest took 125,100 yen.

To start this run by the save point near Millenium Tower, near the elevator that Akiyama use to go into the quarintine zone. A scene will play out with Saaya, a chump and Majima. She'll give you her card and tell you to come by Jewel. When you are ready and think you have enough yen go on and head to Jewel on Shichifuku street. For dates, she'll want to met at Smile Burger on Tenkaichi.

At first Saaya is a spoiled princess and Majima doesn't like her. He even lets her know that she is annoying. But that only inspires her to be the type of woman that he likes. (Not sure she ever really gets there though.) During the time spent with Saaya, she changes and learns to care about others. It makes Majima happy. However, I'm pretty sure nothing serious would happen in a relationship between these two.

I don't have a walkthrough for Saaya but one can be found on GameFaqs. I'm still waiting on permission to use it.