Majima Goro Name: Majima Goro
Nickname: Mad Dog, Majima-niisan, (Maji-nii by me)
Age: mid 40's
Gender: Male
Affliation: Tojo Clan, Shimano family, Majima family
Job: Majima family patriarch, Owns Majima Construction
Tattoo: Oni (Demon)
Voice Actor (EN): Mark Hamill
Voice Actor (JP): Hidenari Ugaki

What's he like?
Majima is the type that's drunk on life, likes to party with his boys, only likes girls that can keep up with him and to get him to do anything you have to fight him for it. He's simply the type to fight hard and party harder. Majima also loves the spotlight and horror movies. Infact in Dead Souls he is VERY happy about the zombie outbreak. He's just really laidback...even when he is cutting wires for bombs by following his gut. Majima also like baseball.

What's he do?
Other than being a high ranked Yakuza in the Tojo Clan, he owns his own construction company. He broke away from Tojo when it became weak but Kiryu fought and beat him and told him to look after Daigo and the Tojo. He generally does what he wants, when he wants. While he would do anything for Kiryu, Majima still makes him fight him.