The events between the main Yakuza series and spinoff Dead Souls. I've timelined it.

1985: Majima and Saejima were to do a hit on another Yakuza family. On the day it was to be done Saejima ended up doing it alone and ended up in prison for killing 18 men. Majima was in another area talking to someone and got held up which is why he didn't make it to Saejima. While Majima was talking the Yakuza attacked him while he fought them off, he eventually grew tired and wound up being tied to a pillar. Since it's Majima, he mouthed off and ended up getting his eye cut out.

2005: Yakuza 1 starts and Kiryu is released from prison after a ten year sentence. Through this he meets Majima who beats a man for disrepecting Kiryu, of course Kiryu tells him it's okay and to stop. Later the Tojo Clan wants Kiryu dead because of Nishiki. So Majima takes it upon him self as part of the Shimano family. Kiryu beats him every time. At the batting cages Majima gets stabbed protecting Kiryu stating that he (Majima) is the only one that gets to kill Kiryu. Sometime later Majima crashes a truck into Shangri-La just to fightt Kiryu again. They fight, Majima loses. Kiryu contines with his task.

2006: Yakuza 2 is where Majima has had enough of Tojo and breaks away. He creates Majima Construction and takes over Purgatory since Kage is no longer there. Kiryu goes to Purgatory for some help and gets Majima instead. After Kiryu agress to fight Majima, he is more than willing to help. Majima is tasked with disarming bombs thoughout Kamuro. He even takes out most (if not all) of Sengoku's men while he gets beat up a bit and needs to be taken to a doctor, he is still he normal self. So we all know he is gonna be okay.

2009: Yakuza 3 starts off with Kiryu fighting Majima to look after the Tojo Clan while he gots to Okinawa to raise children. After Majima's defeat he agrees to help. Majiima pretty much just works as support for Kiryu, go so far as to tell him that he would get all of the Majima Family and come to Okinawa.

2010: Yakuza 4 is where Majima is looking for a woman going by the name of "Lily". Majima knows who she is and he is beating himself up for not being able to help her from so long ago. It's later revealed that she is Saejima Yasuko, little sister to Saejima Taiga who is a close friend of Majima's (look back at 1985). Majima meets Akiyama at his club, Elise, to inquire about Lily but Akiyama doesn't know where she went. He even shows up in Saejima's story to fight him in the Batting Cages (one of their favorite places) and that's when the player finds out what happened in 1985. Majima also works as support for Kiryu, looking after the Tojo Clan to the best of his abilities but due to the plot Majima gets taken away by the police. He gets out and is at the initiation ceremony for the Saejima Family.

????: Yakuza 5 hasn't come out in the US. Will be added after it comes out and my sister and I play it obsessively.

2011: Dead Souls, he is the second playable character. For once Kiryu didn't have to fight him to get him to help. Zombies attack his office where he is watching zombie movies. Since he is having fun killing zombies he doesn't mind helping. He makes another apparence in Kiryu's chapters where he helps him out a bit. (I really don't want to go into detail about this one, I know it's a spinoff and doesn't count toward the main plot of Yakuza, I just don't want to spoil it.)