About Get My Shine On

Why Majima? Why Get My Shine On? And the like will be answered here. Also contact is below.

Why Majima?
I decided to make a Majima Goro site after my sister, Snow, made her Ryuji site. I adore Majima a lot and I actually call him "Maji-nii". I first saw Majima in Yakuza 1 when he was voice by Mark Hamil (Luke Skywalker in Star Wars) and I remember thinking "This man is insane." Of course that was after he nearly beat someone to death with an umbrella. But I my opinion changed when he saves Kiryu from being stabbed at the Battle Cages and then I really adored him when he crashes a truck into Shangri-La just to fight Kiryu. I still think Majima is crazy but I adore him. That didn't answer much. Why Majima? Well why not? Actually, I picked Majima because he is hilarious and there is quite a bit of information on him and he is my second favorite Yakuza man (first being Daigo).

The Name?
It's really hard to come up with a site name and I had come up with like 10 other names with the help of my sister. Then I was making dinner and my sister was helping, we where talking about Ronin Warriors (an anime we watched as children) and she was like Rowen "Gets his shine on everyday!" And then I was like "Get My Shine On! That's the name for my Maji-nii site!" There you go, that's how it happened. So I should probably thank her for helping me with the name again.


Email: cherri@piratesboard.net