Get My Shine On

Welcome to, Get My Shine On a shrine to the Mad Dog of the Yakuza series, Majima Goro! This shrine will cover all over Majima's apperances in the games (that were released in the US) but will have more information on Dead Souls as he his playable in it. Also spoilers are pretty much everywhere, so do be careful (though I will try to keep the walkthrough spoil free).


3/31/2013 - Joined Starlight and fixed a broken image.

3/28/2013 - Joined Emotion.

10/25/2012 - Fixed up Saaya's page.

9/28/2012 - Fixed the gallery and finished history. Means this site is complete until Yakuza 5 comes out.

9/27/2012 - Updated Saaya Kawai, Profile, Gallery and History.

9/24/2012 - Completed walkthrough, sub-stories and special-ops.

9/22/2012 - Added some link me buttons. Updated about and special-ops a little and the profile a bit.

9/20/2012 - Put online, not much is up! Pages are up but no information rather. Updated special-ops, links and walkthrough.