⚜ Journey

Lulu's life

Lulu's early life is unknown. The earliest we find out about Lulu's life is that she was a guardian to Lady Ginnem. They traveled together and I assume the ladies had a close bond. I'm not sure if they were friends or relatives, as it's never stated. After they past through the Calm Lands since it doesn't seem like Lady Ginnem had any intention of giving up they continued. However, instead of heading to Mt. Gagazet, they headed down another path one that lead to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. I'm unaware how many people knew it was here or if they were just exploring because Lady Ginnem wanted to see as much as she could before her death. Unfortunately, inside the cavern things took to the worst and Lulu unable to protect her summoner from the fiends, Lady Ginnem died. I don't know how Lulu made it out or if someone helped her but Lulu blamed her self for her summoner's death. Later during Yuna's pilgramage, they can go back here to help Lulu reconcile with the past and get the aeon, Yojimbo...for a price. Gil, you have to pay him money, not souls or unborn children.

The next pilgramage Lulu was on was one with Wakka (her boyfriend's older brother) and a summoner from Bevelle, Lord Zuke. I believe this took place years after Lady Ginnem and while Lulu was dating Chappu. Durning a Blitzball tournament I think Lord Zuke might have approached Lulu and Wakka for guardians or maybe while he was in Besaid getting Valefor. However, when this team got to the Calm Lands, Lord Zuke decided it was enough and stopped. He relieved Wakka and Lulu of their duties and he went on to become a priest. He can be met in the Calm Lands during Yuna's Pilgramage. Lord Zuke seems like a very laid back man and goes so far as to say "Don't believe everything a maestor says." I think he is a good example of a priest. I think sometime after this Lulu lost her boyfriend, Chappu, to Sin.

This is Lulu's third summoner and pilgramage. Yuna is Lulu's adopted sister and that makes it a little harder on both of them because they kow what is going to happen when they get to Zanarkand and obtain the Final Aeon. Though Lulu does want to stop her she know she can't change Yuna's mind, so she help her instead. Lulu is more of a supporting role during the pilgramage and while she is pushed back she is still important.

There are instantances that Lulu shines. She explains a lot of Spira's workings to Tidus, the new boy. While she is first annoyed with it because he doesn't understand ANYTHING, she grows to enjoy it. By Guadosalam before he can ask anything, she is already explaining things. She used to take out everything on Tidus and Wakka but after Mushroom Rock Road that changed a little. Luzzu (a friend of the groups) explains that he convinced Chappu (Lulu's late boyfriend and Wakka's younger brother) to join the Crusaders, which is what got him killed. Both Wakka and Lulu punched Luzzu for this. After this Lulu has calmed down some, though she's still grumpy.

When Tidus finds out what's gonna happen to Yuna at the end of the journey, he flips out. And Lulu retorts "Don't you think we tried!? She follows her heart. So the only thing we can do is to help her until the end." It pains her to say this. Lulu doesn't want to lose another person she cares about but has no idea on how to even begin to stop her. Sure, Lulu could tell her now and try to stop her but that might cause Yuna to hate her and push her away and that would be painful as well. So Lulu does her best to help Yuna in anyway she can.

As Yuna's journey continues, it gets harder for everyone. Lulu still supports her with everything she is. She even volunteers to be Yuna's final aeon. And when negotiations break down Lulu is right there defending Yuna. She will always there to help her little sister. And when the journey is over, she still tries to support the broken hearted summoner.

The last bit of Lulu's journey that is seen is that she is pregnant with Wakka's child. She has married Wakka and they live together on Besaid Island. She trust her husband to give their child a name when born. Honestly, she doesn't do much here but supports Wakka to the fullest. Later she gives birth to a boy that Wakka's names "Vidina", an Al Bhed name meaning future. Both Lulu and Wakka have grown since their last journey and plan to do their best as parents.

Since Lulu is pregnant she can't journey with Yuna again. I feel she might feel a little left out. Mainly because Lulu states "I'm not there, so you can spread your wings." And Yuna responds "Maybe." Lulu sighs "You have spread your wings." Yuna does try to visit more often since she kind of ran away but Wakka and Lulu aren't mad at her. And it's the Gullwings that help Wakka figure out somethings so he can name the baby. Honestly, I would have loved to see Lulu in some of the dresspheres.