⚜ Final Fantasy X

the cycle of death

Final Fantasy X a world terrorized by Sin. People live everyday in fear until a summoner steps up to the pilgramage and uses the Final Aeon against Sin. A Calm comes about until Sin is reborn and the cycle continues. A young man thrown into the world of Spira on what seems to be chance. He befriends the new summoner destined to defeat Sin. Will this summoner be able to defeat Sin and bring the calm or will she choose love? A story of love caught in the cycle of death and rebirth. What will our heroes do?

⚜ Final Fantasy X-2

filled with girl power

Final Fantasy X-2 the next chapter in the story! Since our heroes survived their first journey they decided to go on another. But this one isn't to save the world. It's a young woman's journey of self discovery that turns to saving the world. That always happens when the main character is a goody-goody. But don't be fooled! This story is action packed of cute clothes, big monsters and FRIENDSHIP! Follow the journey of a girl and her friends. Also where did the boyfriend go and just who is that other woman!?

Really the games are better than I'm describing. Both are on Playstation 2 and 3, PS Vita and the PSN.