"A glorious tale of a LEGENDARY man named Groose and his girl, Impa."

♥ Love Story

mostly my opinion

I'm not even sure how I came up with the couple of Groose and Impa, I was playing and them BAM! I was a fan. It just happened. Probably because I figured out early that Impa and Grannie were the same person and Groose was always looking after Grannie. The one time I actually get the foreshadowing and it's to this couple. Figures, am I right? I was probably taken by the fact that after spending time with Grannie he realized he wasn't good for Zelda and moved on. Then he meets Impa and hangs with her watching over Zelda while Link goes and kicks butt. I just fell for it. And have no shame about it.

Impa is never shown with any sort of love interest unless you wanna pair her with Link or a person she never comes in contact with. It's cool, I'm down with it. But she was shown interacting with Groose and I was like "OTP!" There really isn't any super divine awesome doki doki labu labu reason. I translated their few precious iteractions as they liked each other. Groose becomes a better man because of Impa.

Groose and Impa
Look at her looking at him!

♥ Theories

had to come from somewhere~

Okay this may be ramblings of a bias fangirl but maybe you think so as well? I've got two theories, The Gerudo and the Sheikah. However they are very similar so I'll cover them together rather than say the same thing twice with different wording. Please remember this is my opinion and not true facts unless Nintendo confirmed something while I wasn't looking.

Ocarina of Time: NabooruGroose and Impa finally confess their undying love and are the ancestors of the Gerudo Tribe or possibly they start the Sheikah Tribe. My reasoning for the Gerudo is the red hair and dark skin. Groose has those red locks of supreme love and Impa's skin is dark. Just look at Nabooru from Ocarina of Time (shown on the left) or even Ganondorf. Do you see it? Though I think it would kill Groose and Impa to know that Ganondorf was a descendent of theirs considering he is trying to kill Link and Zelda. And did I mention that a Temple of Time is in the Desert? The same type of land that the Gerudo Tribe likes to hang out in! CONNECTIONS ARE ALL AROUND! Really they would roll in their graves. But it would make sense for Demise to insert himself in a blood line that's close to Link and Zelda. It's downright dastardly and I don't put it passed him. So for the Sheikah, totally possible for them to repopulate the tribe. And no bad feelings afterwards! But wait how does Groose get to where Impa was because they were separated?! Groose probably found a way back to her. I don't have a theory for that other than THE POWER OF LOVE!