"A glorious tale of a LEGENDARY man named Groose and his girl, Impa."

♥ Impa

shadows of love

ImpaWhen Impa is first talked about I honestly thought it was Ghriahim because Link was told a figure wearing black was in the company of Zelda. Dude, I was so wrong! But think when Link meets Impa, she isn't very nice. Zelda got kidnapped by the baddies at the Earth Temple in Eldin and it's all Link's fault for being late. (Really Impa? Where were you? What were you doing? Why weren't you at Zelda's side?) Anyway, she then says "Do my words sting, let them." And I'm like, Alright it's on. You and me are having a go. *cough* So then Impa leaves and Links goes after Zelda.

Temple of Time, Lanryu; Impa and Zelda are trying to get to the giant mirror but Ghirahim decided he wanted to play with them. HE IS SO CREEPY! Link jumps in and blocks an attack meant for Impa and says "Am I late?" (I so couldn't resist saying that to her since I was given the option.) She just smiles and shakes her head. Link gives them time to escape much the annoyance of Ghirahim.

After some events Impa is watching over Zelda as she completes what she set out to do. At this point that's all Impa can do, is watch over her and leave the rest to Link. Groose even shows up and watches over Zelda with Impa. When Link finishes the battle and comes back, Impa and Zelda have to say goodbye. Impa cannot go back with her because she's where she is needed and Zelda now has her chosen hero, Link. Zelda gives her a bracelet and Impa says "We will meet again." Groose, Link and Zelda leave the past. Then they see Grannie, who is wearing Zelda's other bracelet and she says "I told you we would met again." They all smile but unfortunately she still cannot stay there and disappears. The three then leave the Temple.

Grannie was a lot of help to Link at the beginning. She told him what he needed to do, she was very Sage like. Very patient and kind. But would give you a verbal slap when you messed up. So Impa herself even grew as a character.

♥ Sheikah Tribe

a shadow of a hylian

What is a Sheikah? A badass with ninja skills. Other than that, a protector of the royal family. Someone who will always watch over Princess Zelda, no matter what for she takes. Sheikah is a pretty well known tribe and Impa is generally leading it as the last survivor. Really, I wanna see the whole tribe in all its glory one day. (Gannon just because they refuse to date you doesn't mean you have to destroy them.) The Sheikah Tribe ends up protecting Temples as well, the Sealed Temple (which is secretly another Temple of Time) and the Shadow Temple. Which is crazy because the Temple of Time also houses a mirror to the Twili Realm. Could the Sheikah be Twili? Since the Twili and the Sheikah are both shadows to the Hylians. Even in Twilight Princess, Zelda is shown wearing a cloak with the Sheikah symbol. Even if Impa isn't shown, she is protecting her Princess with everything she is. The Sheikah Tribe existed during Goddess Hylia's lifetime and they have been in service ever since Hylia asked Impa to watch over. Being a Sheikah is a big part of Impa's character. It explains why she is at Zelda's side when Link cannot be. Of course, Zelda and Impa are good friends as well.

♥ Other Incarnations

Always the protector

Impa appears in a lot of other games as she is always shown as Zelda's protector or some sort. She's a body guard, a nanny, and sometimes a Sheikah. Once she was even a Sage, her Temple was the Shadow Temple in the Kakariko Graveyard. The Kakariko Village was once home to the Sheikah, so it's only fitting that her temple would be there. Sometimes Impa is shown as an old woman and other times she is young. The thing that Impa has in common with all her incarnations is Zelda. Otherwise, her appearance changes and so do her abilities. Zelda is the only constant thing throughout the ages.

Legend of Zelda Impa