"A glorious tale of a LEGENDARY man named Groose and his girl, Impa."

♥ Groose

pompadour of love

GrooseGroose is the man! He is a legendary jerk at the beginning and always giving Link a hard time and tries so hard to impress Zelda. He even goes so far as to hide Link's Loftwing, Lofty Mcflamepants (named by my sister and me). This in turns holds the Wing Ceremony up and then Groose blames Link for it! Then he and his boys try to attack Link during the ceremony. And they (the instructors) just let it happen and no one gets reprimanded! Anyway, Link gets to do the ceremony with Zelda much to Groose's dismay (AND NO ONE ELSE'S). Then Zelda goes missing and Link soon after. Groose then decides to follow Link one time and they both crash land on the Surface below the coulds.

Groose is in awe and still thinks he'll be the one to save Zelda. Link and player roll their eyes. (Totally happened.) After the Imprisoned attacks and Groose does nothing. Grannie (the old woman at the temple that is later dubbed "Grannie" by Groose), lets him have it she pretty much tells him that he's no good. Groose is shocked by this but takes it well because she is right and Link is worth something. Groose then vows to be a better man because there has to be something he can do. Later on, Groose is building something that doesn't make a lot of sense until the Imprisoned attacks again (really this dude is super annoying and I hate him so much!) and Groose and Link are totally mostly ready. Link has to distract the Imprisoned long enough for Groose to finish the modifications on the Groosinator. And when he does he yells letting Link know that he is ready to fire bombs at the Imprisoned. (REALLY USE GROOSE FOR THESE BATTLES AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN!) Once the boys knock Imprisoned down and get him sealed, Link goes to see how Groose and Grannie are.

They are doing good and Groose is really happy he was able to help Link because he wasn't able to do it without him. (True facts, Groose saved my ass.) Link just smiles as does Grannie. Groose grew up a lot after meeting Grannie and being able to help Link. Groose helps LInk again when the Imprisoned attacks for the last time by launching Link at its head. And when Zelda is captured by Ghirahim and used in a ceremony and her body is flung to the side, Groose catches her because Link can't make it. Then Groose and Impa watch over Zelda together until Link comes back. And when he does, Groose realizes one more thing (HE IS SO IN LOVE WITH IMPA) that he is no good for Zelda and she belongs with Link.

Groose seems just as upset as Zelda when Impa cannot stay with them and when Grannie disappears. The three return to Skyloft but Groose and his boys leave sometime after. I believe he goes back to the surface to take care of it and watch over the temple. (And find a way to be with Impa.)

♥ Possible Incarnations

Another Time, Another Groose

Ocarina of Time: Mido Here we have Mido (Ocarina of Time), he is a Kokiri from the Kokiri Forest. His tribe hangs out with fairies and the Deku Tree. It's also home to the Lost Woods and the sacred Forest Temple that doesn't have any upkeep and is left poor condition. Really Deku Tree, children can do chores without it being slave labor. Anyway we are here to talk about Mido, the self proclaimed leader of the Kokiri. He is quite mean to Link because Link was born without a fairy companion. Link is different from the other children and Mido knows it. Mido constantly treats him badly unless Saria is involved. Looks a lot like Groose being mean to Link until Zelda comes in and defends Link. (Come on honey, a man has to fight his battles!) Since I played Ocarina of Time before Skyward Sword, Groose reminds me a bit of Mido. Though Groose came first due to time line, Mido would be a lot like Groose. At least in the beginning. Mido wasn't really given the chance to change and is stuck as a child. Whereas Groose even though practically an adult, he was very much a child and had to grow up.