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I myself am ridiculous but I'm not sure I can make Sage that way. /terrible Divine Dragon Cannon is all about Korin no Date Seiji (Sage Date of the Halo). He is the most "mature" and graceful of the Ronin Warriors (aka Samurai Troopers). And quite honestly I have images (okay, maybe like one) to prove his rebeliousness. #TotalProofOfBlackMail In fact there is gonna be a lot of stuff going on. Lots of stuff. BIG STUFF. And Justice Fist Bumps are ahead! This is also the approved fanlisting for Seiji! Please consider joining if you like him. Listed at The Anime Fanlistings, partners to The Fanlistings.

CherriDecember 02, 2015
EmotionFlesh for FantasyAmassment
Neo's IRON FIST OF JUSTICE Kento SHRINE: Iron Rock Crusher Snow's BROOKLYN JUSTICE Starboy shrine: Starshine Unlimited: The Man With The Golden Bow Mikari's A Boy and his Cat: A Tale of Cute Felines, Adorable Eyes and Epic Shirtlessness Ryo Shrine The #GenkiJusticeParty's Under the Sea, A Just Keep Swimming tribute to Cye Mouri

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