All About Dagran


"The leader of the mercenaries, Dagran is an exceptionally driven and capable individual, be it on the battlefield or while negotiating with potential employees. His actions and drive have earned him the full trust and respect of his team. Dagran met and recruited Zael at a young age and, through time, has become like an older brother to Zael." - Intruction Maunal

Dagran is a really cool guy and he looks after everyone. He isn't beyond getting strict or yelling at someone for being stupid. He is hardly ever reckless, because when your reckless you get your mates killed. Dagran has lost many people in his life and wants to protect the ones he has. So he might come off as a jerk in certain areas but he is over all a pretty cool guy. He really gets drunk too (you get to see it once!). His parents, like everyone elses, are dead; killed in an attack. So he was all alone and he met Zael after that they were together and became mercenaries to surivive.

In the artwork images Dagran is sporting the Heavy Armour and in cutscenes it's hunter or heavy. He starts out wearnig the Hunter Armour. Though I like to put him in the heavy/leather armour with the cloth greaves. An as for the palettle I like black and pink. The Traive in the ceremonial sword he keeps on his waist at all times, he eventually gives it to Zael though. And the Emperor Sword is his default sword in New Game+.

The Voice

Nico Lennon is Dagran's English voice actor. He also has an accent (to me his does). Not a lot is known about the actor other than he trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. So that leads me to believe that the accent Dagran has is Welsh and not British like I orignally thought. It's a reall nice voice. Lennon shows great vocals when portaying Dagran. The player can hear it in his voice when his is upset, happy, or drunk. Which I think really helps connecting to the character. Lennon hasn't done a lot of voice acting, looks like he started in 2011; I hope he gets more work! He has also portayed these characters:

Unshou Ishizuka is his Japanese voice actor. Ishizuka has done a lot of voice acting and he's still going! He is genernall casted as older males because of his deep, strong voice. As Dagran he sounds just as tough. Strangely I haven't ever heard this guy before! He is in everything I haven't seen in Japanese!! I do like the voice and since Ishizuka has been working for so long, I'm sure he voices Dagran perfectly. I had to youtube the Japanese version of Last Story to hear his voice. Here are some other roles by Ishizuka:

Theme Song: Bonds

Bonds is a song composed by the ever lovable Nobuo Uematsu. This song represents the um bond between Zael and Dagran. BROTHERS FOREVER! It's a really beautiful song. The dominate instrument seems to be a violin or maybe a cello and possibly an under laying harp. Not only is it wonderful like most of Uematsu work, it's also somewhat sad. Beautiful and sad, just like the relationship between the two men. It's a little hard to describe, I'm listening to it for help but it's mostly breaking my heart. Give it a listen, if you'd like.

Another song that reminds me of Dagran is Pages by 3 Doors Down. Totally unrelated to The Last Story but I feel it really suits him. And without fail everytime I hear it I think of Dagran. Just wanted to make a note of that as well.

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