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I chose the name Grossartig Mond from Odin and Camilla's supports. When I played Conquest the first time, I ended up married Niles instead of Camilla. She was too much of a sister to me that I couldn't marry her. So, I married her off to Odin and I laughed and aww'ed at their supports. Odin likes naming things and he names her armor, in doing so she feels that because her armor has a name she is able feel secure and confident about herself. Camilla feels like she finally found who she is because of it. I really liked it. Though it's really hard to spell sometimes and I'm really bad at saying it

"Grossartig Mond. I meditated on the image of milady's armor from inside a dark chasm. It took two hours to climb to the bottom... Four to climb back out. But it was worth it! As I lay in darkness, words floated gently into my mind from on high. The first was "Grossartig." The meaning is noble, ample, and beautiful. Then came "Mond," the moon, the bright center around which the night revolves! The masterstroke of my revelation was to combine these two bold terms! Behold! Grossartig Mond!" - Odin

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Just wanna thank all my FE buddies, particularly Megan. I will come for you. ^-^


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