the people of Ashley's life

The Sage - Anastasia Valeria
The guide.
Anastasia Anastasia guides Ash on more than one occasion. She helps him through the "Void", gave him the power and knowledge to defeat Blazer, and cheers him on. During the Demon Summoning Ash is able to pull out the Argetlahm, I believe that Anastasia let him because he houses Lord Blazer. Blazer needed to be stopped again and Anastasia helped Ashley do just that.

The Trusty Sidekick (Trusted Helper) – Tony Stark
Right hand man, support, and ear for the hero.
Tony Tony is the child that gets kidnapped at the beginning of Ashley's tale and after he gets saved Ash becomes his hero which spawns "Young ARMS". Tony would do anything for his friends, much like Ashley. When Ash needs to leave the town of Meria Boule, Tony takes care of the town.

The Nemesis (and the Nemesi) – Lord Blazer
The antagonist and those who stand in the way of the hero.
Lord Blazer is at it again with trying to destroy the world and steal Ashley’s soul. Blazer was summoned by Odessa during the Demon Summoning. Ash fights him to the very end.

The Love Interest – Anastasia Valeria
Devoted to the hero but unable to be together.
Anastasia The lovely Anastasia is very fond of Ash but they cannot be together. She no longer exists in Filgaia and she dubbed him "Little Brother". Even though Ash tried to get her to come back with him, she couldn’t go it would rip the fabric of time and it would destroy too much. Her place was where she was and not with him.

The Adoptive Family – Iringtons
A place to call home, and usually the reason for the journey.
Marina Marina's family takes Ashley in after his parents died in a previous war. Ash and Marina are very much in love but both have a hard time expressing it. Every time he gets leave he goes and sees her. She's always waiting. Her arms spread out are all the space he needs to return home.

The Warrior – Brad Evans/Lilka Elneiak
Right or wrong, hell or high water, he will fight for the hero.
Lilka (top), Brad (bottom) Brad and Lilka are the first members you get to join you. They are loyal to Ash for different reasons. Lilka has a crush on him and because he believes in her which is why she is loyal. Even though she is scared to go back into the Millennium Puzzle, she does because it will help him. Ashley helped Brad escape from prison. He gets blown up a couple times and does multiple stupid things all for Ash.

The Temptress – Lord Blazer
Tries to lead the hero astray.
Whenever Ashley is up against a tough fight or needs more power to save his friends, Blazer is there telling him to go ahead but it means it's one step closer to the edge. He tries to lure Ash into using the power so he can steal the soul of his host.

The Innocents – Filgaian Citizens
Who the Hero fights for.
These are the people Ash helps along the way or the people he left behind in Meria Boule. The "prince" of Guild Galad, Marina, Young ARMS, Baskar Village, T'bok Village, everywhere and everyone. By the end of the journey when Ash achieves "Sword Mage" the world comes together and gives hope to Ashley which helps him defeat Blazer.

The Nightmare Creature – Lord Blazer
Creatures representive of the hero's flaws and insecurities.
Well Blazer is still a terrible mistress. Always trying to lead Ashley astray and even got little Anastasia to sacrifice her life to seal him. Because of Blazer, Ashley scares Marina so bad she doesn't want to see him. Nearly losing Marina almost destroys him. As soon as Blazer gets the opening he wants, he will destroy the world.

The Traitor – Irving Vold Valeria
Pretends to be for the hero but is really against them.
Irving You would like to think he is a good man. Lilka even makes a comment about his looks "Most men prettier than women are cruel." While Irving thanks her for calling him pretty, he never denies being cruel. He sends ARMS out on missions to unify the world, which works but what you don't find out until later is that it's his entire fault in the first place. He employed Odessa (a terrorist group that is fought until Heimdall), he wanted the Demon Summoning, and he got Ashley thrown in prison!

The Dreamer – Tim Rhymeless
A reminder of why the hero fights.
Tim Tim is just a little guy and it's his destiny to be sacrificed as the Pillar to save Filgaia. Luckily he knows Ash who would never let that happen. I think because Ash is traveling with one of the Young ARMS member's who has an extraordinary power that it helps Ash be like "Okay, I can do this." If Tim can come to terms with what he is at a young age then so can Ash who is older.

The Fool – Ashley Winchester
Comic relief, also reminds the hero the journey can be accomplished and that it’s for the innocents.
Ashley Ashley is one of the biggest fools in existence. He always reminds himself that it's for Marina. He can do it because he promised Marina. No matter what trouble anyone is in he can get them out of it because he has a place to return to. He wants to help people no matter the cost.

The Rebel – Kanon
Knowledgable, skilled, huge ego. In any other story, he'd be the hero.
Kanon At first Kanon is trying to exorcise the demon within Ashley. Never works though and she eventually joins. But a promise is made between her and Ash, which is if he ever loses control she will kill him. However, when he thought he had lost all control he begs her to stop him. She replies "Stop being so weak and fight. How can you face Marina being like this?" Or something similar which snaps Ash back and he is good again. She knows Ash is possessed, she is extremely skilled and is convinced she is a direct descendent of the "Sword Magess", Anastasia Valeria.