Epic Triad

The triad of epic

The Epic Triad is made of three parts, Hero-Sage-Benign Force or Protagonist-Antagonist-Benign Force. I mixed the two.

Ashley’s sage is Anastasia; it’s her power that helps him through the journey along with Lord Blazer’s. She didn’t want Ashley to go through what she did, so Anastasia lent him the Argetlahm. Knowing he would be able to do what she couldn’t. She also gets to meet Ashley face-to-face and helps him return back home from the “Void”.

Lord Blazer is the antagonist that tries to steal the soul away from Ashley but can’t quite do it because Ashley drew the Argetlahm. Blazer is always trying to get Ashley to use the power so he can take control.

The Argetlahm was only ever able to be wielded by Anastasia, but when the Demon Summoning took place Ashley was able to draw the sword. He was only able to do after having Lord Blazer’s power. The Argetlahm and the Blaze of Disaster, kind of merged and that’s the power Ashley had. The Argetlahm is a Holy Blade (good) and the Blaze of Disaster is evil but combining the two into Ashley’s body made it Benign.