He has a few good ones
I feel these are self-explanitory and won't give a sub-header explanation.

Magical / Mysterious Birth
Never shows his birth.

Missing / Questionable Childhood
The game starts with Ashley at 19 years old. Not much else is known other than he was raised by the Iringtons after he was orphaned in a previous war.

Identity in Question
He actually spends much time questioning who he is because of Blazer. Why is he able to pull the Argetlahm, why does he have this power, etc. All of those things are always at the back of his mind; it is only after Marina says that Ashley is Ashley that he finally calms down about it.

Irving betrayed twice; the first time sent Ashley to Illsveil to find Brad. However, the second time we find that Odessa, the demon summoning, and every challenge (including Ash pulling Argetlahm) were instigated by Irving to save Filgaia from a much larger threat.

Tragic Flaw
Ashley really goes out of his way to save people. He disobeys direct orders to save everyone in the Withered Ruins. When ARMs and the people of Halmetz are taken prisoners, he gets all the towns people out even though there isn't a lot of time. He uses Blazer's power to save Lilka and Brad from execution. He dumps important train cargo to escape the Trapzohedron saving every life on that train. The Blastiodon on the Chateau is going to explode and Ash uses Blazer's power again, jumps on the catapult and gets blown up but survives because of said power. He makes sure his friends are safely evacuated from Heimdall before he blasts off into space. He does so much.

Death at the Hands of Evil
During the Demon Summoning, everyone is turned into demons. Since his form is changed and there is no way back, his human self dies.

Resurrection Myth
I would say this happens very early in the game with the Demon Summoning. Ashley watches everyone turn into a demon and them himself. While fighting the others and trying to get out, he figures he is going to die and he doesn't want that. He wants to return to Marina and keep his promise. Blazer hears of this as offers to save Ashley, while he is saved them the rest of the game is a constant struggle over Ashley’s body and soul. Another point is when he ascends to "Sword Mage" and finally has the power to defeat the evil that has been living inside of him.

Special Powers
Ashley can use Argetlahm, a holy blade. No one else was able to pull it except for Anastasia Valeria.