The third step

Refusal to Return
He doesn't want to go back to the journey, much like amid-life crisis.
Ashley is hardly the type to not want to return. However, the only instance that would classify would be when he is Knight Blazer and scares Marina. By not wanting to scare Marina he doesn’t want to the use the power.

The Magic Flight
When he realizes, it's okay to continue on and breaks free from what is stopping him.
In the "Void" he meets Anastasia and she tells him he can save the world. While he wishes for her to come with she won't and so he leaves by himself to carry on her task. Marivel and Lucied also help him because Anastasia helps him.

Rescue from Without
It's how he escapes the trial of being stuck where he is at.
When leaving the "Void" there is a small chance he won't make it back but through the love of his friends he is able to make it back. Lucied, representing desire, is still helping him at this point and because the desire to return is so strong that also help him return.

The Return Threshold
The second threshold and a symbol of rebirth.
When Ashley gets back from the "Void" he has more knowledge of what is going on thanks to Anastasia. Now that he has returned, he has a new power; his black armour is now orange and he has a couple of more techniques. He's also more stubborn and stronger.

Master of Both Worlds
This represents his ultimate transcendence to a higher state of being.
This happens closer to the end of the journey, when he merges the two powers in his body and becomes the “Sword Mage”. He saves Marina and the world she lives in, he brings peace to Filgaia. He accomplished being a hero, like he wanted.

Sharing of Knowledge
Sharing what he learned while in the "Void".
When Ashely gets back from hanging out with Anastasia and everyone is happy that’s when he tells them what he learned. He learned that in order to defeat Lord Blazer everyone would have to bring their hearts together. So, in short they would use the power of love and friendship to vanquish the Blaze of Disaster once and for all. It was something Anastasia was unable to do.

Freedom to Live
He is passed his past with no regrets.
Ashley doesn’t tend to regret anything he does. After his journey, he marries and has twins. He has a good live in a peaceful world. He no longer has the power of Lord Blazer and Argetlahm. He is just a man with a family. There is one thing he regrets, not being able to save Irving or Altaeicia but he does decide to live for them and possibly name his children after them.