The second step

The Road of Trials
Position is solid; people know who he is.
While in prison with Lilka, Brad and the citizens of Halmetz, it's decided that everyone is escaping no matter what. The free the citizens but Lilka and Brad are about to be executed to make an example. Ashley refuses and dawns the black armour to save them. The citizens see it and start calling him the "Black Knight". He also helps save the "prince" of Guild Galad but getting rid of precious train cargo. Along with uniting the three nations.

The Meeting with the Goddess
Unrequited love for reasons that will be explained.
Anastasia is the other woman in Ashley's life, possible love interest if he wasn't so madly in love with Marina. Anastasia helps him in ways that Marina isn't capable of. However, even though she supports him greatly and loves Ash it won't work out. She doesn't exist in the world anymore and she deems Ash as "Little Brother".

The Meeting with the Temptress (or Woman as Temptress)
The "woman" that stands in the way.
Lord Blazer is a terrible mistress. He often tries to get an opening to steal away our darling Ash's soul. Blazer tries so hard to lead him astray so he can return and destroy the world. If Ashley wasn’t so stubborn on keeping promises and helping people, then it might have worked. Blazer tries to tempt him into using the power saying things like "You can’t win if you don’t use my power…but remember every time you do, I get closer to your soul." Sure Ashley uses the power to save the people or his friends and nearly loses his soul but he overcomes Blazer.

Atonement with Father
This is overcoming the ultimate power. He must get over where he came from to continue.
While Ashley doesn't have a father, I consider this part to be overcoming Lord Blazer. He refuses to let Blazer have control of his body and he fights it as often as he can. He finally overcomes Blazer at the end.

When he achieves the "hero" status.
At the end, when Ashley is fighting alone merged with the Argetlahm against Blazer. It's due to the fact that his friends, family, and those he helped along the way believed in him that he was able to achieve victory like a true hero.

Ultimate Boon
An ultimate boon is like a holy grail, it must be gotten in order to save someone.
Ashley's boon would be finding another way to save the world without sacrificing a child. He decided that he would fight Blazer to end it rather than letting Tim die. In short his boon is obtaining the "Sword Mage" status; much like Anastasia was the "Sword Magess".