The first step

The Call to Adventure
This is what started his journey, he didn't start out as a hero and just needed a little push to get started.
Ashley started out as a musketeer on a mission to save a kidnapped child from the Withered Ruins. While on the mission he disobeyed orders and met Tony Stark, a child from Meria Boule. After the ruins were destroyed and everyone escaped, Ashley was put on house arrest for disobeying orders. He was then called to the Sword Cathedral because he passed the musketeer test. While they were celebrating the Demon Summoning happened, causing everyone there to turn into demons. While Ashley was a demon he was able to pull the Argetlahm out, which started his journey.

The Refusal of the Call
This is the part where he is supposed to make up a ridiculous excuse of why he cannot go even though he really wants too.
Ashley's refusal to call is a little different as he always wants to help people because it's the right thing to do. However, since he always wants to help he ignores direct orders and ends up on house arrest.

The Supernatural Aid
This aid is a tool that will help him throughout the journey.
Ashley ends up on his journey through the Demon Summoning, pulling Argetlahm. He gets a message from Irving Vold Valeria that he wants him to join ARMS. All of that ends up sending him on a journey to save Filgaia.

The First Threshold
This is the first big hurdle he must overcome if he wishes to continue.
For Ashley it was going to the Sword Cathedral and being turned into a demon. He was scared of not being able to return to Marina. He makes a deal with the demon within him and returns to normal (after pulling out the Argetlahm).

Belly of the Whale
This is what separates his old life and his new life. When he knows he cannot go back to the way things were.
Ashley's true journey beings when he meets Irving Valeria. He and Lilka are told to find the last member of ARMs. The third member is held in Illsveil (and there isn't a way in or out, unless you are a criminal or dead). So Irving frames Ashley and has him thrown in prison.