Thou art I... and I am Thou...

Cover Art Persona 3 is about a teenage boy who lost his parents 10 years prior to the events that are happening now. The young man moves to a new place and is staying at the Iwatodai Dorms with some a few other students. When he arrives at Iwatodai Station something strange happens. Everything shuts off, there is no electricity, no sounds, nothing. The eerie glow from the moon and coffins where people once stood is all that remains. The young man is unaffected and continues on. When he arrives at the dorm a little boy talks about a contract for the next year stating that the newcomer is responsible for all his choices. This young man signs the contract. He spends his next days getting to know his dorm mates, classmates, and the people of Tatsumi Port Island. However, these dorm mates (and himself) have a special power called “Persona” that will help them in the coming year from terrible things called “Shadows” and the people responsible for many deaths. Through the year many choices are made, battles are fought, friends are lost, and hope is found.

In Persona 3 FES is the same as Persona 3 but with a special Episode called “The Answer”. This special episode lets all find out what is happening after the events of the journey that just took place. However, there is still an ominous shadow lurking about these events. It’s not the same as when friends were here. Will going to the past be able to save them? Will staying put be better? Friends clash with not knowing what to do. Each set wants something else and no one seems to agree. Battles break out but friendship remains. Take the conclusion in hand and burn your dread.

And there is Persona 3 Portable with pretty much the same story as Persona 3. In this version, you can choose to play as a girl. Some things are different but all roads lead to the same end. This version is serious just like the last but not as depressing of an end. Some friends can be saved given you are close enough.

Undefeated © Cherri. Sanada Akihiko and Persona © Atlus. All rights reserved. Textures by Celestial Star.