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About Polydueces, Caeser, mythology and Aki's boxing style.

Polydeuces Akihiko's first persona is Polydeuces. He is a lightning based persona and is the immortal twin of the Gemini constellation. He can mostly learn lightning and some healing/support techs. I believe that his persona is a way to symbolize his friendship with Shinji, who has Castor the other half of the Gemini constellation. In mythology Polydeuces is also a boxer. When Castor dies, his brother Polydeuces gives him his immortally and stays with him in the sky as the Gemini constellation. Similar to Akihiko and Shinji's relationship, except instead do becoming a constellation Aki keeps Shinji alive in his memory.

Caeser After the death of his best friend, Aki is a bit lost. While visiting a memorial for him at Gekkoukan he finds his resolve and Polydeuces transforms in Caesar. Here I like to believe that Polydeuces went to stay with Castor and the love that Akihiko had for Shinji spawned a new persona. Caesar has most of the same abilities as Polydeuces, so not much changes. Caeser is actually stronger as he can learn higher level spells. Caeser isn't based off of mythology like most persona are. He is in fact based off of the Roman emperor Caesar who was ultimately betrayed by his people. Which kind of makes sense in The Answer of Persona 3 FES, Aki could feel betrayed by what's going on between him and his friends as they can't agree. They get through the ordeal as friends and become closer.

EmperorThe Emperor Arcana represents masculinity, structure and stability. The Emperor offers wisdom, guidance and advice. It's the father figure of the tarot deck, so it's the "provider" and defends his loved ones. He likes to operate within a defined structure with set boundaries. He respects routine and follows a specific regimen or discipline. Which all suit Akihiko very well with his boxing and role in Persona. The Emperor Arcana is also portrayed by the Holy Roman Emperor, while Akihiko's ultimate Persona is Caeser (a Roman Emperor).

The revered Emperor is more of the power of authority is weighing you down. Like a boss or father just coming down on you real hard and one feels powerless. It's best not to rebel against it but making any head way seems impossible. A way to deal with the reversed Emperor is to break out and act independently, start your own business or change surrounding. For Akihiko, the thing he couldn't change was Miki's death and he felt powerless. I'm not sure if this applies but through working with SEES and meeting new friends he was able to overcome the death of his loved one.

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