I've regained my honor.

Undefeated was created for a project between some friends and I. Megan had mentioned wanting to to a big site where she could have brother/sister sites. I liked the idea and asked her what topic. But she wasn't sure. So I started listing off things we had in common, so niether one of us would have to pick up something new. When I said "Persona" it struck a cord and she down with. She picked Junpei and I picked Akihiko. Then Samantha wanted in and picked Shinji. My sister, Snow also liked Shinji but since he was previously claimed she didn't want to pick him and I suggested Mitsuru. Snow agreed. Then later we convinced Mikari to do Theo. And it kinda spiraled out of control but I believe it's for the best.

Picking a name was difficult. I went through so many names before I came to Undefeated. Sounds like a name to a boxer movie or something. Which I think is why I ultimately picked it. And it's not like Aki gets defeated. I mean, he is Gekkoukan's Golden Boy. And that's pretty much it for the history and about section to Undefeated.

Undefeated © Cherri. Sanada Akihiko and Persona © Atlus. All rights reserved. Textures by Celestial Star.